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As the Julian & Der Fux debutalbum „Vanille“ surfaced in November, a lot of things are available through different kinds of channels.

The video to their current single „Mischduft“ is available on YouTube. You can buy the digital album via Amazon and iTunes. For the CD/Vinyl-version of the album head over to our main distributer Daily Records, other webstores like JPC. If you prefer streaming the album is available on Spotify or Deezer.

Also their infamous tote bags are available again! There are two different lyrics excerpts for your choice. This time the tote bags are in the album colors turquois and rose – with the fontprint available in black or white. Don’t miss them this time. For more information write to kevin[dot]reiterer[at]jhruza.com

Furthermore the duo created a very special merchandise-line for your own spa-experience with them – towels and bathrobes with „Vanille“-horse on them. These are available separately or combined as „spa-combo“. Also a limited free button comes with every shipment! For all options and details write to kevin[dot]reiterer[at]jhruza.com


Julian & der Fux – Mischduft (Video)

The first single of Julian & Der Fux‘ Album „Vanille“, called „Mischduft“, got treated with a pretty intense video. The song as well as the video features Hermes (of Radio-FM4– and Willkommen-Österreich-fame) in a central role. The part mystic and part absurd video is convincing the viewer with intense journey into the setting and as well with his intense bassline and his hell of a groove.

You can buy the song and the digital album via Amazon and iTunes, for the CD/Vinyl-version of the album head over to Daily Records.


FM4 Soundselection 32 with Ant Antic

Happy releaseday everyone! We’re very happy to announce that Ant Antic are part of the FM4 Soundselection 32 compilation with their song „Vacate“. They’re featured alongside great Austrian artists like Ages, Sofa Surfers, MOTSA (with his terrific Bilderbuch remix), Wandl and many more. You can check the full and remarkable tracklist over at the FM4 website out.

You can get the Soundselection for example at Amazon (CD version), at iTunes (digital) or at your local music dealer.

If you want to get yourself a taste of „Vacate“ you can watch their „Primitive Studio Session“ right now!


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