Julian & der Fux – Nie Genug (Video)

For the third single from their album „Vanille“ the Viennese duo choose the track „Nie Genug“ – also know as Nimmersatt among their fans. The single comes with an elaborate video where the two leading actors find themselves in an 50’s/60’s apartment. The narrator/interviewer (Julian) visits the artist (Der Fux) at his weird and odd home where is much more to discover then you might expect in the first shot. At the end of the video a great cameo of an old friend takes place but make sure to check that out by yourselves (see video below).

On the new single a huge range of collaborators worked with Julian & Der Fux. For expample Bernhard Hammer (of Elektro Guzzi) plays bass and Martin Schiske (of Johann Sebastian Bass) plays trombone and arranged the wind section. Other collaborators including Florian Fennes (baritone- and tenor saxophone), Ken Hayakawa (percussions), Roman Lugmayr (drums) and Marion Rom (trumpet). Furthermore Sebastian „Zebo“ Adam (producer of Austrian acts Bilderbuch, Steaming Satellites etc.) co-produced and arranged, while Andi Pils engineered the single.

The single-release is accompanied by a „Nimmersat Mix“, a much longer and intense (club) mix of the main track. You can get the release at iTunes or Amazon.

Video by Helen Parkes & Alexey Hartlieb-Shea.

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