T Raum – Formatio Reticularis

Arne Mai and Johan Johanson – who formed the duo T Raum in 2010 – have released on J.Hruza Records before. Make sure to check out their club anthem „In Life (feat. Simple One)“ and the EP „Let Me Glow“ – both released in 2014. Now they’ve been joined by Danny – a german songwriter and producer, settled in Vienna – and grew to a trio for their first LP „Formatio Reticularis“.

The album title „Formatio Recticularis“ is latin for the part of the brain responsible for alertness and attention. And attention is what you need for this masterpiece. The seven songs strong LP is smooth, deep and filled with great house vibes. When it comes to club music which also works in a much quieter surrounding a „journey“ is mentioned often – with this LP record it becomes reality.

Get the album for free over at Soundcloud!